Romania a fost de vanzare o zi pe eBay

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propus: 15 Mar 2006
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Timp de o zi, Romania a fost de vanzare prin eBay! Licitatia a inceput cu un dolar, a doua oferta a crescut la $ 2,25, iar dupa-amiaza ajunsese la $ 10 700, iar ultima oferta a fost de $ 99,9 milioane. Intre timp, anuntul de licitatie a disparut din site-ul eBay, probabil scos de administratori.

Iata cum suna anuntul de licitatie:

Item Description:
The government of Romania's biggest fear is to "sell the country." They do whatever they can to make foreign investment difficult. Perhaps they are afraid someone will buy it, fix it, and then make it hard for the crooked government to have it good. It's about time someone had the guts to SELL ROMANIA TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER. And we thank eBay and the rest of the capitalist world for making it possible.

Hence, for sale is a non-functional eastern-european country named Romania. The item is sold AS IS, for parts or repair, absolutely NO RETURN or warranty of any kind! It's a broken country! Don't come back to me and say I didn't stated it clear enough, or that you just changed your mind. All parts may or may not be there. Many are rotten, and will need replacement (see government). Many parts will need to be refurbished (see large percentage of population).

But make no mistake! If you fix it, this could be one GREAT COUNTRY, and one GREAT PEOPLE. It could be like Star Trek The Next Generation's Federation!

It contains vast mineral and geographical resources, though badly managed by its population. Some bordering countries: Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, etc. Well known partly because of: AIDS infected orphans, executed dictator named Ceausescu, ultra-high literacy which seems to be of no help, Count Dracula, cheap prostitutes, extremely high corruption, highly intelligent undergrad students obtaining high scores in competitions like the ACM programming contest and the William Putnam math competition, amazing hackers (computer programmers), violent miners, extremely high percentage of employed immigrants abroad, Nadia Comaneci, bankrupt government, etc.

I will happily answer any questions you may have via email.
For reasons undisclosed I am obliged to sell many of my other beloved countries. Stay tuned and check soon for my other auctions.

This is sold with NO RESERVE so please bid early or the bid snipers will outbid you in the last minute. The starting price is ridiculously low so it gets sold. Let the market decide what this country is worth. I have excellent feedback and will make sure you are satisfied.

Item Photos
Many photos can be found on the net. It's really a very beautiful country.

I will contact the buyer immediately after the auction end and expect a response within three days. Payment is to be made within 7 days of the auction end. I accept Paypal, Bidpay, MoneyGram, and Western Union, or International Money Order. I prefer Paypal which is also cheaper for the buyer than the other methods.

Local pick-up only! You go there and can just have it all for yourself. Hope you can fix it.

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