My life

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propus de: Mihaela pe data: 1 Mai 2009
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My life

I want my life be different
and I could be someone else,
to die and to live in the same time,
to love and hate you forever to feel alive.
I wish.......................... to be with you
because you are my life.

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Comentariu articol: crina - 23 ani - 24 Mai 2010

Comentariu e fromos bebeleeeeee >big grin

Comentariu articol: nicoleta - 23 ani - 13 Mar 2010

Comentariu I love my life the way it is...but it could be better...I hope someday to have everything that's missing right now..

Comentariu articol: alex - 21 ani contact alex_andreea9708 - 8 Dec 2009

Comentariu textul,dar si bebele

Comentariu articol: adrian - 27 ani - 23 Iun 2009

Comentariu my live it is good.i have any one i whant.i like a good girl.

Comentariu articol: Claudia - 1 Mai 2009

Comentariu UN bebe reusit. Sa va traiasca.

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