About haios.ro. What is it? What is the purpose of haios.ro?

What is haios.ro?

haios.ro is an initiative started with a desire to bring a smile to all of us. haios.ro believes that smiling, laughing and playing,... help us all to get more confidence, enable us to offer those in need a hand, help us to make friends, and to be better off all in all.

What is the purpose of haios.ro?

haios.ro would like to make you smile... to bring interesting information in a funny way. By playing and smiling, we develop not only our creativity but also our spirit of tolerance, respect for ourselves and for those around us, ... escape the daily stress, change our environment into a better one.

What can you do?

Pass on that small amount of positive energy that you can find in here... simply spread it around, give it to others. It will simply return to you, multiplied :-). Make all around you feel good, help yourself to improve your environment. Make yourself known as a smiling, positive person. Be creative. You'll see that in time you'll feel better and better. And people tend to like you more. A problem can be solved faster, better and in many different ways when you analyze it from a funny perspective and with optimism, even if it seams hard at the beginning.

Special thanks

We thank haios.ro friends, that are helping us growing by sending a lot of funny stuff along via email, haios.ro email, funny things to share with our visitors...

We also thank all our visitors who propose valuable content to share with others. Our site will continue to grow and develop thanks to you and your valuable feedback. :-)

haios.ro team

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